Automotive Air Conditioning Repairs

When it comes to automotive air-condition repairs and servicing, Natrad Hawkesbury Automotive are the team you can trust! It doesn’t matter whether its summer or winter that’s just around the corner, your vehicles’ air-conditioning requires regular maintenance.

In addition to making for a cool and comfortable journey, your air-conditioning unit helps stop your windscreen from fogging up when driving in rainy or humid conditions. Also, postponing your regular service can prove dangerous to you, or your family’s health if consistently exposed to contaminants like hidden mould or fungus. Unpleasant odours should be checked out immediately.

At Natrad Hawkesbury Automotive, our servicing team will check for routine or visible faults like drive belt tension, loose parts/brackets or leakages. Following this, your vehicle will undergo an air-conditioning repair and service check, analysing any performance issues and recommending replacements to keep the system in top shape.

Whether your car’s air-conditioning may just be in need of a major repair, or a re-gas service, come and speak with our team of experts today!


Natrad Hawkesbury Automotive – You’re in Good Hands!

Our team of highly experienced mechanics at Natrad Hawkesbury Automotive have the knowledge and expertise to safely and efficiently undertake all your air-conditioning services and repairs.  We are licenced professionals certified to handle all of your automotive air-conditioning repairs and services. We can handle conventional or manually operated air-conditioning, as well as modern, advanced climate control systems.

We deliver fast repairs, returning our customers’ vehicles ASAP to get them back on the road hassle-free. At minimum, we recommend booking your car in to us for a full, extensive check-up every two years to ensure all of your automotive air-conditioning repairs and services are up to date!

Automotive Air-conditioning Repairs and Services – What’s Involved?

Depending on the type of service required, here are some basic checks, tests and inspections that we execute.

o   Diagnose obvious, initially visible faults.

o   Checking of all hoses, seals and other elements.

o   Examination of drive belts and pulleys.

o   Analyse a reading of air conditioning pressers.

o   Check temperature of the condenser.

o   Running of the vehicle to inspect temperature of the air vent.

o   Analyse a reading of the suction line temperature.

o   Leakage tests

o   Checking for possible harmful contamination build-up.

o   Removing of mould, or fungus to eliminate musty cabin odours.

o   Replacement of cabin filter if fitted and required.

We are capable of supplying and replacing the highest quality air-conditioning parts for any recommended repairs.

Top Tips!

·         We recommend that you run your car’s air-conditioner regularly through winter to maintain lubrication of the seals and hoses. Cracks lead to leaks and will cause all kinds of mechanical problems – At least once a week.

·         When highway travelling, set your system to ‘fresh air flow’ rather than re-circulating the air inside the cabin of your car. Frequently ventilating controls carbon dioxide exposure which helps to eliminate drowsiness while driving late at night etc.

·         Regular cleaning of hard-to-reach or unexposed interior spots assists with reducing potentially harmful bacteria developing headaches that’s caused by moisture build-up – We can do this for you if required.



Interesting Fact:          Reports show that constantly recirculating the dangerous gas has been a contributing factor in a significant number of country road accidents.

 Let Natrad Hawkesbury Automotive be the team to ensure you ride in comfort again. Get in touch with our team at your earliest convenience to further discuss air-conditioning issues, services and repairs. So for all your automotive air-conditioning repairs and servicing, please see our Contact page to give us a quick call.