Natrad Automotive Cooling Products

3 year Nationwide warranty

Natrad Hawkesbury provide personal, professional and quality service. Our staff are fully trained automotive and radiator technicians, with over 30 years industry service.

Natrad stores are the only radiator repair specialist network that can provide a true, manufacturer supported Nationwide 3 year warranty.

When you have your radiator replaced at Natrad Hawkesbury, you will receive a warranty registration card.

To ensure you obtain the maximum life from your newly purchased radiator, a friendly service reminder will be sent 12 months after your original purchase, letting you know it’s time to have your free cooling system check – this will then ensure that the warranty is validated for the next 12 months period.

Peace of mind with Natrad's 3 year Nationwide warranty12 months later (2 years after your radiator purchase) you will again receive a service reminder to have your cooling system serviced. This will validate your warranty for the third and final year.

During servicing, the Natrad technician will inspect all components of the cooling system for possible wear and tear, and advise you of any outcomes.

Natrad Hawkesbury pride themselves on having the expertise to spot any likely problem areas before they occur – avoiding any inconvenience to you.